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  • Graduated the Prague Conservatory, Academy of Music in Prague and HMT Hanover
  • He graduated masterclasses with P. Zukerman, R. Ricci and A. Chumachenco
  • At the same time several years studied privately with legendary violinist Josef Suk
  • He is winner of several national and international competitions and scholarship
  • MA debuted as music partner with Josef Suk at the Prague Spring Festival and recorded with him CD
  • He toured as a soloist with numerous orchestras under the baton of J. Bělohlávek, L. Svárovský, E. Jaffe etc.
  • He has performed at major festivals and concerts in most European countries, USA, Canada and South Korea





Recording for Czech centre in New York

Miroslav Ambroš - violin 

Zuzana Ambrošová - piano 

Date of event: 11.04.2021


Advent concert for CZECH TV

Ambroš Ladies sextett 

Miroslav Ambroš - violin 

Date of event: 20.12.2020

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Program tips




Miroslav Ambroš – violin

Zuzana Ambrošová – piano










G. Tartini –  Sonata g minor - Devil´s Trill 

F. Kreisler – Caprice Viennois, op.2

N. Paganini –  Cantabile, op.17

N. Paganini –  Moses fantasy on G string

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -intermission- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

E. Ysaÿe –  Sonata-Ballade, op. 27 for violin solo

J. Suk –  Radúz and Mahulena

P. de Sarasate –  Concert fantasy Faust

A. Bazzini –  La Ronde des Lutins, op.25



The stunning bond of violin and viola offers an unforgettable experience and takes the listeners throughout some music history, from baroque to impressionism.       



Miroslav Ambroš – violin

Oldřich Vlček – viola, violin



J.S. Bach - Ciaccona D minor BWV 1004 for violin solo

G.F. Handel - J. Halvorsen - Pasacaglia for violin and viola

W.A. Mozart - Two duos for violin and viola 

E. Ysaÿe - Sonata-Ballade No.3, op. 27 for violin solo

















“Popular melodies of classical and pop music”

Violin as the phenomenon of classical music and saxophone as the uncrowned king of pop accompanied by masterful piano bonding both these style closely are an outstanding much. Together they deliver some impressive experience and numerous musical surprises.



Miroslav Ambroš –  violin

Felix Slováček Jr. – saxophone

Zuzana Ambrošová –  piano







N. Paganini – Caprices (selection) for violin solo 

J. Massenet – Meditation for violin, saxophone and piano

N. Paganini –  "Mojžíš“ – Fantasy on G string for violn and piano 

S. Rachmaninov – Vocalise for violin, saxophone and piano

V. Monti – Csárdás for violin, saxophone and piano


N. Paganini – Carneval in Venice for violin, saxophone and piano

A. Bazzini – La Ronde des Lutins for violin and piano

L. Bernstein – America-West Side Story for saxophone and piano

J. Ježek – Bugatti step for violin, saxophone and piano



Miroslav Ambroš- housle







W. A. Mozart: Concert G major, KV 216

L. van Beethoven: Triple Concerto C major for violin, cello and piano, op.56

F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Concert E minor, op. 64

J. Brahms: Concert A minor for violin and cello, op.10

A. Dvořák: Concert A minor, op. 53

P. I. Čajkovskij: Concert D major, op. 35

E. Lalo: Spanish symphony, op. 21

J. Suk: Fantasy G minor, op. 24

A. Berg: Concert "The memory of angel"

S. Prokofjev: Concert D major, No.1, op. 19

E.W. Korngold: Concert D major, op. 35

D. Kabalevskij: Concert C major, op. 48

M. Kubička: Concerto for violin, piano and orchestra



Miroslav Ambroš - violin











J .S. Bach - Concert E major, BWV 1042

J. S. Bach - Concert for two violins D minor, BWV 1043

A. Vivaldi - "Four seasons" op.8

A. Vivaldi - Concert G major, No.3, R.V.310 - L’estro armonico

A. Vivaldi - Concert A minor, No.6, R.V.358, op.3

A. Vivaldi - Concert A minor No.8, R.V 522 for two violins

A. Vivaldi - Concert D minor, No.11, op.3 for two violins

A. Vivaldi - Concert C minor, No. 12, op.1 for two violins

F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Concert D minor, No.1 for violin and orchestra

F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Concert D minor for violin, piano and orchestra

A. Dvořák - Mazurek E mior. op 49  in an arrangement for violin and chamber orchestra 

G. Tartini - Sonata - Devils Trill in an arrangement for violin and chamber orchestra

N. Paganini - "Moses" fantasy on G string in an arrangement for violin and chamber orchestra

A. Bazzini - La Ronde des Lutins in an arrangement for violin and chamber orchestra

The title AVA Trio Prague presents a remarkable instrumental union presented by a violin, viola and piano. The trio consists of the founder and solo player of the unique musical body Ambroš Ladies Orchestra Mr Miroslav Ambroš, the violist and the head of the famous orchestra Virtuosi di Praga Mr Oldřich Vlček and an excellent piano player Mrs Zuzana Ambrošová. This trio of exceptional musicians have been giving their performance for many years. They are regularly warmly greeted with great respect on various home and foreign stages. Their program focuses on the treasures of classical music and they are always a guarantee of the top interpretation. Miroslav Ambroš, Oldřich Vlček and Zuzana Ambrošová give their performances of classical pieces as the famous Trio E flat major “Kegelstatt” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, well known Mazurek by Antonín Dvořák, the beautiful composition Pasacaglia by Johan Halvorsen with the theme of George Friedrich Händel and many others.



Miroslav Ambroš – violin
Oldřich Vlček – viola
Zuzana Ambrošová – piano


Music samples

A. Bazzini – La Ronde des Lutins, Op. 25:

J. Suk – Radúz and Mahulena, Op. 16:

P. de Sarasate – Jota Aragonesa, Op. 27:

N. Paganini – „Moses“ Fantasy on G string:




With Maestro Josef Suk


with violinist Ivan Ženatý 




With opera singer Štefan Margita


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